The Liatis Foundation was established in 1994 by Nita Borick to support the various organizations focused on promoting education, improving health and human services and advancing the arts and humanities.

Nita, along with her children Linda, Steven, Robert and her granddaughter Lauren are all directors of the Foundation. They are committed to helping the children of the world, their health and well being. Through the years, Nita taught her family the importance of compassion and the key principal of “LOVE IS ALL THERE IS.” This wise adage is also the basis for the name of the Foundation – LIATIS.

The core values of compassion and love inspire the directors of the Foundation as they strive to provide grants for worthwhile causes. Since its inception, the LIATIS Foundation has contributed to a number of programs and projects within the fields of art, education, health and human services. Specifically, the Foundation has supported fine arts and science museums as well as organizations which serve children and assist the disabled.

Nita’s son, Steven J. Borick, serves as president of the Foundation and all administrative activities are handled in Houston, Texas. Steven is a well-educated world traveler with many interests and zest for life. His concern for the next generation fuels his ambitions for the Foundation.